Most companies realize that being on social media platforms is important. Not only can you acquire clients on these channels, you can grow brand awareness and make your company feel friendlier. You can even show off your expertise so people learn to respect your knowledge in your field. However, there are a couple of huge mistakes companies still make with Facebook, and it’s important to recognize these mistakes and fix them before you ruin your online presence.

Don’t Use Social Media as a Promo Tool

Although the occasional promotion on Facebook or Twitter is completely acceptable, having the majority of your posts be about pushing sales is a huge mistake. On your website, people expect to see promotional material, news about your company, and new deals they can score; using your Facebook the same way will leave your fans wanting more. You should post fun images that will entertain your target audience and interesting articles you write (or find) that your fans would find useful.

Embrace the Feedback

Instead of deleting negative feedback on your wall or ignoring it completely, you should embrace it. Many companies avoid customer complaints because they think they'll show badly on their pages. Instead, take the opportunity to reply and explain the situation to your customers and then make it right. Not only are you making your customer happy, you’re making everyone that views that feedback on your wall happy, too.

Don't Letting it Die

One of the first thing people do when they find a company is they ‘like’ it on Facebook. If they like your page and you have abandoned it and never update, your customers will also feel abandoned. Even if they can reach you easily through other means such as e-mail or phone, they can still feel like you are neglecting their needs by not using your Facebook to your advantage. Comments should never go ignored on your wall for any amount of time, whether they be good or bad. Pay attention to your audience and you will reap the benefits.