Having a website is an excellent start in your Internet presence. However, there are other things you need to consider beyond just having the website on the Internet. You need to appeal to the customers that choose to browse your website, which means catering to their specific wants. How do you do that, you ask? Check out the tips below for a clue.

Compact, Small Pages are the Future

Do you know how long you have before your visitors give up on your website loading? Less than three seconds, which is significantly less time than it takes to load a page bogged down with complicated backgrounds and huge pictures. Drop the large graphics and replace them with reasonably-sized ones. Stick to text that is text, and not text that is a picture. Also, make sure you're hosted by a reliable web hosting provider that can guarantee your website will be functioning at full capacity.

Guide Your Visitors

Website visitors don't want to come to your site and see a complicated navigational system that they can't learn in less than a minute. There are a number of accepted, popular principles of design that you can employ, such as “less than five drop down choices” and “six or less buttons to hover over on your front page.” Many companies have both an "about us" page and an "about our team" page; you don't need to link to both from your menu. Keep it simple. "Blog", "Why Us?", "Purchase Today" and "Contact Us" are all a user should see at the top of the page when they visit your website.