We all want our Facebook fan pages to be popular, and sometimes the traffic from our websites or from advertising just isn’t enough. We have to engage our audiences, and that can take a little effort and education on our parts. Don’t make a silly mistake because you didn’t educate yourself ahead of time. Here are three tips that any Facebooking business owner can use for their own good.

No Custom URL

Custom URLs are absolutely essential. They guarantee that you can pass along the URL of your Facebook page to absolutely anyone who asks for it. When you don’t have a custom URL, it’s hard to put your Facebook URL on your business cards or tell someone what it is (since it’s likely hard to memorize in the first place). Once you have a custom URL in place, you can make it as simple as you’d like.

Posting Things Straight in a Row

So you decided you want to post four posts a day on Facebook. Instead of spreading them out, however, you decide that posting them all in the same ten minutes is the way to go for you. Unfortunately, this won’t work for your fans. Be sure to space out your updates so you can reach more of your audience and not just the few people who are on right then, right there at that moment.

Saying Bad Things about Competition

There’s really no need to say horrible things about those who are in direct competition with you. It makes you look uncivilized and rude, and it may cost you a few customers. In addition, you may succeed in pushing away the audience that is with the other company so that if they ever start looking for another service, they’ll avoid you completely.