Apple has recently taken many steps forward in securing their data. The company has now decided to take mobile security into their own hands with AuthenTec. Last Friday, Apple agreed to purchase the mobile security company for $356 million, which represents an $8-a-share offer. This is a 58% premium over what the company closed for on Thursday ($5.07). An AuthenTec employee has confirmed the purchase.

Apple isn’t the first company to give into the need for more mobile security. Mobile viruses, malware, and other assorted threats are becoming more and more common, especially as technology progresses and mobile devices become more advanced. Most of the wireless industry has “stepped up their game” and is responding to these threats. Sprint and AT&T are consistently making updates about security patches they make to their phones, and there are rumors that both companies will start offering security services as a tack-on service for their smartphones.

AuthenTec specializes in fingerprint technology, from sensors to identity management software. It works mostly with mobile, networking, and computer companies, though the company does occasionally design systems for the government as well. Motorola, LG, Cisco and Samsung are all loyal customers of this service. Just this month, Samsung employed the security company to help protect its business-class tablets and phones.

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