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How network penetration testing can better secure networks

As technology advances, cybersecurity threats continue to grow. A scan of news reports over the past few years shows several high-profile and costly network security issues in major companies. These attacks have cost businesses millions in sales and damage control measures.

Companies looking to minimize data breaches and other malicious attacks need to ensure that their networks are as secure as possible. Securing the perimeter of a network requires penetration testing to identify and shore up potential weak points.

Network penetration testing, or pen testing, is one of the most proactive steps a company can take to protect its data. Pen testing requires planning and preparation. It requires a high level of knowledge about a network environment. We offer network penetration testing services in Upland, CA. Our network pen testing consultants can help you identify weaknesses in your network so you can secure them against outside threats.

Is penetration testing the same as vulnerability testing?

Penetration testing is more than just a one-off effort at identifying vulnerability. It differs in many ways from vulnerability testing. Network penetration testing is a component of a company's overall risk management plan, but it involves actively testing to expose environmental weaknesses, rather than the passive scans of vulnerability testing.

Through pen testing, someone - often referred to as an "ethical" or "white hat" hacker - essentially seeks to infiltrate a network from the outside. Vulnerability testing, on the other hand, is from an inward perspective looking outward.

With pen testing, a company benefits from someone taking the viewpoint of a hacker, using tactics and tools that would play out in a real-life event. The main difference, however, between vulnerability testing and penetration testing is that pen testers go beyond finding weaknesses to actually compromising weaknesses to provide a real-life example of exposure.

Penetration testing results

Pen tests can uncover weaknesses in network design. Specifically, pen testing can uncover:

  • Feasibility of attack vectors.
  • Vulnerabilities that prove difficult to identify through automated means.
  • The ability of network defenders to detect and respond to cyber

Also, pen testing can help companies understand their exposure, maintain compliance and develop response plans and security policies.

Penetration testing frequency

Is penetration testing something that is done once, then put out of mind for a period of time? Some companies mistakenly focus on network security as a "one and done" task. Networks often change, so network security must be incorporated into workflows and processes.

Therefore, penetration testing should also be a flexible and frequent component of network security. Of course, most businesses cannot expend resources on constant penetration tests. However, certain activities make penetration testing necessary.

Changes to network infrastructure, additional web applications or physical changes in a business such as the opening of a new office or present weaknesses should trigger a pen test.

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Who should conduct penetration testing?

Since the ideal perspective of a pen test is from that of a hacker, it is often more fruitful for businesses to use an outside company to conduct penetration tests. A trusted partner does not only view a network from the outside but often are better-versed in the techniques used by "bad actors" due to their experiences with other clients.

Penetration testing is one of several ways to shore up network defenses against the ever-growing threats against data security. It is one of several proactive tactics that should be part of regular security measures.

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