Because you’re in the market you’re in today, it’s likely that you’re always looking for new clients. The thing is that if you don’t aim to please them, you’ll wind up with fewer clients than you deserve. But how do you please a group of people you don’t know anything about? Though most techniques are not universal, there are a couple of crowd pleasers that will make your client-base and potential client-base more content. Read on to find out more.

Be Upbeat and Personable - All the Time

People love other people who have strong positive energy. Clients will associate those types of people with successful businesses. Why? Because the kind of people who are always upbeat don't fail: they keep on trying, even when it's tough. If you find yourself stuck in a circle of sadness or depression or you can't stop complaining, stop it. There is ALWAYS a way to look at a situation as a learning experience instead of a failure. Make sure your attitude reflects that. Make delicious lemonade out of those sour lemons.

Always Stay Organized

Don't ever sacrifice preparedness for timeliness. Being perfectly organized and having everything arranged properly in your head is important. If you're making a call to someone, make sure your notes and portfolio are readily available. Have basic answers for common questions already arranged. If you're going to a meeting you've never been to before, have information packets to hand out and be ready to take notes. If you've already been to this meeting a number of times, have all of the information you need to show that you've been excelling at your job and you're all ready to go. Always come prepared with a schedule and a list of questions when appropriate.