Microsoft is more than a little disappointed at the sales of their new Windows 8 program, says Supersite for Windows, a credible and well-known Microsoft blog. “Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft’s internal projections and have been described inside the company as disappointing,” wrote Paul Thurrott, saying that he was informed of the low numbers by someone inside the company.

Thurott says the problem mostly has to do with “lackluster PC maker designs,” and “Windows 8 itself being a confusing, convoluted program.” Thurrott goes on to say that the mix of the standard Windows 7 desktop and the touch features of Windows 8 ensure a steep and horrendous learning curve.

And while Windows 8 Pro can run software that previous versions of Windows can run, Windows RT can run little to none of it. “That just doesn’t make any sense,” said the blog writer. “The split between the Windows 8 Pro and RT versions makes the positioning of Windows 8 difficult.”

Many agree that the new touch-oriented features are a fantastic addition because of the mobility market, such as smart-phones and tablets. In fact, Microsoft publicly disagrees with these rumors, claiming that their new Windows version is off to an excellent start, though projections did fall a little short of what the company expected.

Generally, a lack of interest in a new operating system is not unusual, considering the popularity of past Microsoft rollouts, and this version in particular may take a bit more time to catch on, due to the touch-centric interface – not to mention the fact that the new Windows won’t be fully represented in retail until early next year.

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