You want to make sure your holiday emails hit the spot. This is a great time of the year to gain sales and build loyal customers that will come back and buy from you again next year. Amazon broke some serious records this year, and you can too. But you have to approach the situation in the correct way, or else you may risk losing a number of customers before you even gain them. Check out the tips below to give you a helping hand.

Be Simple and Elegant

Of course your email is going to have a template, and of course you want it to pop so people will come and buy things from your company. Believe it or not, shiny, whimsical layouts don’t make very much money. Simple, sweet emails are the ones that are going to score you some serious business. You want people to click through, not just admire your pretty design. Use visual cues – maybe your email has a picture of an envelope that will be hard not to click – and make everything clear and concise.

Make Sure You Use the Right Call-to-Action

You shouldn’t be writing eight different calls to action in a single email. It’s confusing, and people have trouble figuring out which CTA to pay attention to first. This usually results in a closure of your email without a second thought. Instead of letting that happen, write one call to action, and use it three times in your email. That’s it. Reducing the amount of choices you present a person will actually increase conversions. Focus on one major product or service and convince someone that product is for them.