zz1356218_cross_x_Saying no to someone when your company is known for quality service can be difficult, at best. No one likes to say no, especially if it’s to a client that is exceedingly important to your business. Just because we have to deny a request, though, doesn’t mean we can’t preserve our reputation or relationships. Read the two following tips to see how you can keep your clients even when you have to deny a request of theirs.

Solve The Problems Immediately

Maybe there’s a solution your customer presented that you can’t offer them, but maybe you can both find a different solution to the problem. Ask questions. It’s likely since you own a business that you’re a good problem solver. Use those skills in this kind of situation. Ask about what else you should know to help solve their problem. Always ask questions that will help the client help you, and never judge based on what they say. Judge the situation instead, and continue to work on resurrecting it with the client. Usually, a middle-ground solution can be found with some brainstorming.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Feedback

Once the situation has been resolved in one way or another, ask your customer what you could have done better. Maybe asking an irate customer about what they think of your service seems counter intuitive, but it opens up the opportunity for honesty between you and your client. It lets the client know that you do still care about them and their business, and that you understand that there is always a need for improvement in your service. Who knows? Maybe what they have to say will make you a better case manager.