1133804_sign_success_and_failureWe all make mistakes, and we rise above them and make it better. However, email marketing is different. You make a mistake and everything stops. Your audience will start to unsubscribe, and you’ll be left without anyone to market to. Since you never want to be in this position in your life, make sure you don’t make one of the biggest mistakes you could make: not hiring a professional.

Neglecting to Use a Professional

Although you might have already thought of this, many businesses still send gigantic lists messages from their personal inboxes. The first problem with this is that you can only send an email to so many people from your inbox. Not to mention, since you're sending it from a real email, spam filters will look at you a bit more closely. You also have absolutely no way to see how many times someone opens it, or how many times someone clicks on a link in your email. People also can't sign up for an email list by going to your website and putting in their email.

You have to manually add them all, which can be a huge drag. There's more, of course, but you get the point. Using a professional email marketing service is incredibly easy, and will make your business look more professional. Did I mention it cuts the time that you have to spend on email efforts in half? Because it does. And if you're not sure which service to use, do your research. There are absolutely tons of services out there for you to use, including VerticalResponse that's been in business for almost fifteen years.