Even if the productivity rates of your office are significantly high, that doesn’t mean you are hitting your personal goals. In fact, sometimes the office’s rate of turnaround being high means that you feel like you can slack off a little. This is normal, and it’s human, especially if you work a lot and feel like you deserve a break. However, it’s important that you meet your personal productivity goals and continue to find the motivation to do your best. Read on for a couple of tips on how to do this.

Set Your Goals – and Always Meet Them

Setting goals for the pure sake of setting goals doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Stephen King, world-renowned writer, hasn’t missed his writing goal in years. He aims to write 1,000 words every day, rain or shine, sick or not, even if it’s a holiday or weekend. That means he writes 7,000 words a week, which may not seem like a lot until you realize it’s over 300,000 words a year. He doesn’t use all of that writing of course, but he’s still managed to publish almost 50 novels as of today, including some that everyone knows by title.

Work on the Weekends

This idea may initially seem crazy, but it’s not, especially if you only work as much as you have to on the weekends. Take your Saturday and use it however you’d like, but when Sunday comes around, stop by the office. Catch up on your emails and read anything you think may help prepare you for the inevitability of tomorrow. Leave yourself a list if you think it will help you get right to work on Monday. This way, you can get right down to the meat of Monday instead of spending hours on side projects.