neutral thumbs upThere are some questions that you just shouldn’t ask during an interview. You might have been asking those questions for many years, and many other companies may also ask them, but that doesn’t mean you should still be asking them. When you need to reform your strategy and ask different questions, here are a few you should exclude.

What are Your Hobbies?

What a person does outside of work shouldn’t exclude or include them from working at your company. If they ride horses or watch bad scary movies in their spare time, it’s really none of your business. Once you hire them, you can consider getting to know them and what they do in their spare time, but before then there’s no real point to asking such an invasive question. Asking a question like that can rattle just about any candidate, which may make the rest of their answers unnecessarily shaky.

If You Need to Travel, Can You with Your Family?

Most people know that questions regarding things like sex and religious practices are not only discouraged, but completely illegal. So why can’t you ask about childcare if it’s not illegal? You can’t actually discriminate against someone based on how they answer this question. So if you do have to ask if they can travel, leave it at that. Don’t ask questions based on anything to do with family because it’s difficult to gauge whether or not you’re asking a question that doesn’t accidentally discriminate against those who are applying for your job.