ID-10015349Don’t know where to start to get a piece of those holiday sales? Don’t worry; a lot of people have that problem. However, a great place to start is email marketing. With email marketing, you’ll find new customers that are looking for a gift for their friends and family (especially if you choose to include free shipping to sweeten the deal). Here are just a few ways to make your emails shine.

Encourage Those to Take the Action You Want

Make sure the action you want comes with a reward. It may seem like you’re treating your clients like dogs, but you’re not. What you’re doing is rewarding them for being loyal to your company. The incentive varies depending on what your company does, but promotional rates or BOGO offers often work the best. Special access will work for some. However, don’t overuse a single incentive. That will only damage your company’s reputation.

Test Constantly

Marketing has a lot of testing involved because honestly, it’s partly science. The truth is that no one knows what’s going to work specifically for a company or a niche. Different things work in different places and at different times, so it’s your job to consistently test new products, methods, and ideas in your emails. Figure out which you should emphasize to alert your audience to the key element in your emails the best. “50% sale” or “$100 off your next purchase?”

You can actually just send two different emails out to two different audiences, and see which one responds the most to your email. The majority of email marketing software that’s out there will allow you to do that, especially if you’re paying a premium for it.