Under attack by CryptoLocker? Do not pay the ransom!

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If you have been infected with CryptoLocker, do not pay the ransom! Inland Productivity Solutions is your trusted local provider of CryptoLocker removal support and CryptoLocker prevention services for companies in the Inland Empire, CA area. We will get rid of a CryptoLocker infection fast, try to get your files back, and ensure you are protected from future attacks. Call us now!

About CryptoLocker

While viruses and malware often lead to security and technical challenges, ransomware like CryptoLocker can also become personal because bad actors use it to extort money from you. Contact us today to get rid of CryptoLocker or bolster your preventive measures.

Protection from a rising threat

CryptoLocker ransomware hijacks your network in return for money. It is often downloaded unwittingly by a user opening an email attachment. Once in, it locks your system up or encrypts your files. It then demands a ransom payment if you want things restored to normal and your data recovered.

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, since 2016, organizations have run into over 4,000 ransomware attacks daily, or about 1.5 million per year. CryptoLocker is no doubt a criminal-level malware. When distributed, it spreads the risk for businesses and users to lose their files, as well as their money by paying the ransom. Specifically, it can hurt productivity and increase IT costs and legal fees.

But there is protection from this danger. Inland Productivity Solutions has the technology and expertise to help your company guard against CryptoLocker attacks.

Reliable recovery

For most businesses confronted by CryptoLocker and extorted for payment, their first reaction is no.

But when CryptoLocker takes the business down and offline for weeks or even months, the losses can be too significant to afford. Even worse, if the company chooses to pay the ransom, the attacker may view it as an easy target and repeat the malign game repeatedly until the victim is broken.

CryptoLocker attacks can be stopped. Inland Productivity Solutions is a reliable CryptoLocker removal support & CryptoLocker prevention services provider and our meticulous services offer the following vital benefits:

  • Remove CryptoLocker within hours and get you off the hook for the ransom.
  • Restore and recover your data before they are compromised covertly or openly by hackers.
  • Minimize your business losses thanks to our just-in-time response and mitigation with guaranteed results.
  • Prevent CryptoLocker attacks from happening to your company on an ongoing basis

A clear path to safety

How do you know whether you need removal services? How do you know you are under CryptoLocker attack? There are some clear signs:

  • Suddenly you have a blocked screen that denies you access to the computer and network.
  • Your files will not open or are encrypted for seemingly no reason.
  • You find that some file extension drives like C, E or G are missing or locked in your PC for no apparent reason.
  • You start to receive instructions like pop-up messages from unknown sources demanding payment of the ransom.

As a CryptoLocker removal support & prevention services company, we follow these careful practices:

  • Threat evaluation: We determine the attack vector and the type of CryptoLocker variant in place. Then we evaluate your risk based on the power of the CryptoLocker and its threat records and advise you about your options for handling the malware.
  • CryptoLocker removal and mitigation: Upon your request, we will remove the CryptoLocker and mitigate the exploited vulnerabilities to beef up your IT security posture against similar future attacks.
  • Data recovery: Our CryptoLocker response service is available to you all year, around the clock. Our IT professionals have extensive troubleshooting experience, and we will do all we can minimize downtime.
  • Documentation: We clearly report details of the work done and any vulnerabilities we found in your system and network assessment. Our approach follows best practices for logging and tracking CryptoLocker attacks.
  • Prevention: We provide you with our CryptoLocker prevention and mitigation guide and install leading antivirus and firewall technology for you. Further, we offer guidance for effective cybersecurity policies and procedures, including training for your employees about how to protect data via best practices for email usage.

CryptoLocker is insidious malware. The best defense in cybersecurity is to prevent attacks from threats like CryptoLocker with thorough preparation, but even after your company has fallen victim to an attack, all is not lost.

At Inland Productivity Solutions, we are your trusted local provider of CryptoLocker removal support services in the Inland Empire, CA area. Partnering with reliable CryptoLocker removal and prevention experts leads to peace of mind. Contact us today to get rid of CryptoLocker or bolster your preventive measures.