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Dark Web monitoring and scanning

It’s often stated that data is the new oil. That means not only has data become a commodity, but it has value all across the globe. As a business leader, you are likely more aware than most how important protecting your data is.

With technology occupying a larger role in your business than ever before, you may have concerns about whether your data is susceptible to theft or exfiltration and is currently being sold on the Dark Web.

Dark Web Monitoring

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is frequently misunderstood. It's not an unreachable sinister place in the world, but resides on the same internet you and I are on right now. It simply is not found with most search engines and more importantly, it can only be accessed via special browser software. The Dark Web is often incorrectly viewed as synonymous with the deep web, an area of the internet that is not indexed by common search engines, for example, content behind a paywall.

The Dark Web is generally accepted as a subset of the deep web. The full size of the Dark Web is unknown, and its content is thought to be all nefarious, but that isn't the case, either. While illegal activity is prevalent, many other sites that are dedicated to privacy reside there. In fact, the CIA hosts a site on the Dark Web. As a business owner, it's reasonable to be concerned about your data being bought and sold on the Dark Web. A Dark Web observation and reporting service like Inland Productivity Solutions can help keep your company safe.

The Dark Web is a treasure trove of stolen information, such as:

  • Intellectual property.
    Code, blueprints, schematics, patent information and more can be used to make money on another person's work.
  • Employee information.
    Personally identifiable information can be used for espionage and exploitation.
  • Customer information.
    Customer data can be used for phishing attacks or by competitors in efforts to undercut pricing.
  • Financial records.
    Account numbers, wire instructions and credit accounts are highly sought after by identity thieves.
  • Network information.
    Compromised accounts can be sold for use in botnets and DDoS attacks.

How do know if my business data is on the Dark Web?

Navigating the Dark Web is not for amateurs. Malware, misinformation, and network compromise are all potential outcomes if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

Our specifically trained threat intelligence experts are standing by to understand your business and learn specifically what areas of your business have data that may be targeted for, and potentially already on, the Dark Web. We will develop a plan to monitor for your information and provide timely reports that clearly and concisely state what data has been discovered as well as potential mitigation steps. Dark Web scanning is not an exact science. Let our intelligence experts assist you with your cybersecurity needs.

Protect your data with Inland Productivity Solutions

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