Employees are still people. They have feelings and emotions, even when they’re hard at work on a project that’s taken them three weeks to finish. They like to know that the company they work for cares. Here’s an idea and an example from a well-known national company.

Actually Care

One of the struggles of running an office is showing employees you genuinely care about their feelings and their lives. And you do, of course - but you still have to show it. Set up a program at your office that encourages employees to step up and share their lives. Name it something cute, like Sharing is Caring. Use the website to track employees and the happenings in their lives. Your managers can help do this by tracking certain events, like babies coming along or weddings. The submission to the system should then generate an e-mail to you and a prompt that you should visit someone in the hospital, send a congrats card, or make a personal phone call. If your company is really looking to build trust, you can offer behind-the-scenes financial assistance when times get tough.

Walmart Actually Cares

Walmart, for example, allows employees that have been with the company for more than five years to borrow three thousand dollars to cover expenses they may have. It’s a one-time loan, and in some cases, they even allow the employee to keep the money and do not require repayment. The company even gives out quarterly bonuses to employees who have been with the company for more than three months, and they have weekly meetings to talk to the employees about everything that’s going on inside the company. Even though Walmart is a huge company, they still take a few moments to appreciate their employees, even when it costs them money in the long run.