ID-10015349There are plenty of articles out there that help you market yourself on LinkedIn. There are even more articles that show you how to make your profile irresistible, or how to choose the right LinkedIn groups. There are even a few that tell you how to set the right profile photo. The ‘how-to’ articles are endless, but where are the articles that tell you how to avoid things that will make it hard to succeed on the social media website? We’re here to tell you about a few deadly mistakes that you should avoid.

Where are You, Again?

LinkedIn is not Facebook. Even though it has similar functionalities in some ways, the platforms are not the same. So when you’re looking to share material and make people laugh, consider going back to Facebook. LinkedIn is for professional contacts, not personal ones. You want to look good in case an employee, customer, or anyone you work with notices.

You Don’t Say Anything Until You Need Something

You have to actually make solid connections while you don’t need them. This may sound counter-intuitive, but when you need those connections, they need to be there. You can’t reach out for someone and expect them to magically help you just because you get along with them. You need to form a good, strong connection with them first before you ask them for any sort of assistance.

You’re Greedy

You can’t expect others to give and give without giving anything in return. They might expect anything in return, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be nice and give them something anyway. In fact, you should give them something in return, especially if what they gave you was valuable (a new connection, positive feedback, etc).