238119_hands_thumbsupIn some cases a bad concept ten years back is a fantastic idea now. It might be counterintuitive to the majority of people, due to the fact that creativity is all about the brand-new right here and now, but looking at an old concept with a fresh eye can rejuvenate it and turn it into something that can make your company a rather penny.
List and Keep ALL Concepts

Do not ignore a concept since you or your associates think it's bad. Numerous outstanding concepts have come out of ideas that weren't so good in the first location. While in brainstorming conferences, make sure all of the whiteboards utilized are photographed and then saved online in cloud storage for later use.

Check out at Your Saved Ideas on Occasion

Occasionally a take another look at is always to stimulate your ability to come up with ideas. You might have gone awhile without a great deal of brand-new business opportunity or brand-new services to entice more people to come to your company, and you're searching for something unique to work on. Those ideas can typically come from old brainstorming sessions. If you're looking for a brand-new name for a product you just started offering, look over old naming notes for a various job entirely. Set periodic reviews-- maybe once every year or two-- and sit down to look your old ideas over. This process can help you think of amazing and new things in addition to assisting you to figure out which ideas you can toss and never look at again.